The truth about Chemotherapy (click to watch the video)

I believe what he says is 100% True! I have friends who have cured themselves from Cancer and both using the same method and the first thing they did was stop all Chemotherapy! The one in particular who I talked to and he told me about the method and how to do it is a friend who had Cancer around his Heart. A form of
Angiosarcoma of the heart. At the moment I am trying to talk him into doing a Video interview to explain exactly what he had, what went on between the Doctors and himself and the process of making the Marijuana Oil and how he took it and how long it took. He was only given Months to live without Chemo when in fact using this method in months he cured his cancer completely. I am sure he will do this video I am just not sure when. SO if you are interested in hearing how he cured his cancer with this method then sign up to get notified when the Interview will take place.

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