A Life In Pain, so many people deal with it on their own, alone and even more depressed. No one but the one going through it seems to understand, not because they can’t but because they don’t want to. But you would think of all who would understand W.S.I.B. would be one of them. If you think they do then your dreaming. They couldn’t care less how you feel. Their only concern is to get you back to work and off the benefits payroll. And they will do anything to do that. Although this Website is to open peoples eyes to what Chronic pan sufferers go through, it’s main objective is to bring W.S.I.B out in the open and expose them for the Sadistic Non-Profit Organization they are. The Story will begin 9 years back and brought right up to today. I hope you enjoy it and are as disgusted in it as I and many others are. Maybe the Government will step in and investigate, although Hell hasn’t froze over yet.

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