I don’t usually promote anything on my sites unless I use, test or have researched the product. Now I am a Coffee Freak! I love coffee and spend a lot of money on various coffees, brewing methods, etc.

Trying to save a little money and still get what I wanted, which is to brew one cup at a time when I want, so I was buying Keurig machine replica’s. I went through 3 replica machines from various popular brands in the last year. I figured they were a good brand so should make a good machine. Not one of them held up or had the simple options that the Keurig machine has. Very cheap mechanisms which after just a little time broke! Then a few months ago someone gave me The Keurig 2.0 K200 machine for a gift. I can honestly tell you that I will never buy another replica to try to save money. This machine is the basic Keurig machine and you can also buy the Carafe to go with this machine if you want to brew pots for company. It also brews hot water for soups or cereals or the such and Hot Cocoa and more. The coffee it brews tastes so fresh and is just the right temperature. What I do is put my sugar in the cup, put my milk in the cup and put it on the Keurig. From the time I press the button to full cup of coffee is 49 seconds! Nice freshly brewed coffee at the perfect temperature. It will brew cups in 4,6,8 and 10 ounce cups and also the full Carafe. I liked it so much I checked reviews on this machine and everyone who had one loved it! while there were negative reviews on the bigger machines and models there were nothing but good reviews on this machine. The lowest star rating was 4 with the rest I saw of 5 stars. The price in Canada is around $89.00 Canadian. Thats a great price for a great little machine. So if you need to buy a coffee enthusiast a machine for Christmas you could not go wrong with the Keurig 2.0 K200. Just check the reviews! If your interested then click the link below for another special they have on this machine for Christmas.